Y. Ann Prince, CPA
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We are here to help you with all of your financial or accounting needs based on 20+ years of field experience.  No questons or concers are too small for us.  Please contact us to make an appointment.
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Our Services
  1. Accounting and Payroll Services
    We can provide a full cycle of accounting services including bookkeeping, accounts receivable collections, accounts payable and payroll processing. Also, we take care of year end issuance of W-2 for employees and 1099-misc forms for contractors.
  2. Audit Representative
    In case of audit, we can be appointed as your representative to deal with IRS or CA franchise tax board so you focus on your daily business operation. We can advise you to prepare for a pertinent information and effectively present requested documents so smooth process of audit is guaranteed.
  3. Individual Tax Planning & Preparation
    We can help you to plan your tax ahead of time so you will be less stressed out when tax return is due. When you undergo any life change events or just plan for your short term financial goal, we can walk you through the steps to get there.
  4. QuickBooks Services
    We can install and set up the most user friendly accounting software, Quickbooks and train your accounting staffs to maintain your accounting data. This software is very efficient tool to monitor your financial performance that is important part of running your business.
  5. Business Tax Planning & Preparation
    We can prepare for the year end tax reporting requirements for any type of business structures, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC and Partnership. We also provide various accounting services including payroll, bookkeeping, year-end tax forms such as W2 and 1099-misc forms.
  6. Individual Retirement & Investment Resource
    We have several licensed brokers and financial advisors that we can refer to so you can plan for your retirement or select customized investment choice for a growth of your assets.
  1. We treat every customer with the greatest care just like family!

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